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  1. A System of Multi Year Training in Weightlifting by A.S. Medvedev
  2. Please Read!
  3. A Program of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting by A.S. Medvedyev
  4. Explosive Plyometrics by Dr. Michael Yessis
  5. Triphasic Training by Cal Dietz and Ben Petersen
  6. Olympic Weightlifting: Coaching Cues and Corrections by Daniel Camargo
  7. The Renaissance Diet: A Scientific Approach to Getting Leaner and Building Muscle
  8. Build a Better Athlete by Dr. Michael Yessis
  9. Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sport Training by Vladimir Issurin
  10. Powerlifting: The complete guide by Dan Austin and Bryan Mann
  11. Mr. Weightlifting: Norbert Schemansky by Richard Bak
  12. Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In by Brett Bartholomew
  13. Utlimate MMA Conditioning by Joel Jamieson
  14. 1x20 RM: The Revolutionary Strength Training Program by Michael Yessis, PhD
  15. The Sport of Weightlifting Series by Jim Napier
  16. The Commonwealth Games: Extraordinary Stories Behind the Medals by Brian Oliver