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Thread: Eleiko Fire

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    Eleiko Fire

    This appears to be a crap sandwich

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    Sounds quite bad.

    Here's the article run through Google Translate

    Some snippets:
    Large fire at Lars Peace is hard on a number of business owners in Halmstad. Values ​​for many millions have been destroyed.
    Gunnila Blomberg, part of the family owners of Eleiko, is powerless and watching the flames licking the building where large parts of their businesses previously existed.

    - We have never experienced anything like this before. It is terrible.
    They learned of the alarm by a phone call just before five in the morning.

    - For us, they said that Securitas gone there because they received an alarm about the burglary and when they arrived on the scene, they saw that it burned. But if the fire started because of the burglary or fire triggered the alarm to Securitas, I do not know.
    She says that the warehouse was completely full. Goods for around 35 million and was just waiting to be shipped to the customer.

    -Of course we will try to find replacement premises but it is not easy, he says. EDIT: Just realized this last quote was attributed to a different business affected by the fire.
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    So terrible...

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    Does anyone know if the weightlifting stuff is in a different warehouse from their street sweeper manufacturing? I know their main business is actually making street sweepers and like garbage trucks. I assume the bulk of that value of goods lost had to be in those. Regardless, man that is awful no matter what.

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    Lets hope it all gets sorted out. Eleiko is a goddamn good company!

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    MD and again faster both bankrupt, now eleiko on fire. Who's next guys?!

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    I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify on the situation that occurred at Eleiko in Halmstad, Sweden, on Friday, the 25th of March. A fire broke out at our off-site warehouse in Halmstad, Sweden. No person was injured or at risk of being injured. The Eleiko Headquarter and our production facility were unaffected by the fire.

    The fire may have short-term implications on our lead times. We are currently pursuing a number of actions in order to limit any negative effects to our customers. The entire Eleiko team is acting with this as the primary objective and will reach out to anyone that may be affected.

    Please note that Eleiko is operating fully and open for business as usual. We are well prepared to handle an extraordinary situation like this, and we have warehouses in other locations which will be utilized for our logistical purposes. We also have a separate distribution center in the US in Chicago. Further, we enjoy the full support from our supplier network and other partners.

    Rickard Blomberg
    President, Eleiko USA

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    F Ya, Murica...errr Sweden. Good to hear.

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