Kuma Lifting is an online coaching service that keeps a low cap of athletes to give as much attention to each athlete as possible. We also only take on clients that are a good fit.

As we want the best for you, we prefer for you to first check local places because in-person coaching is generally superior to online coaching, especially when learning the lifts. However, if there is no such option due to location or lifestyle, we'll be more than glad to talk to see if we're compatible. We're especially experienced in helping athletes transition from powerlifting to weightlifting.

To see our athlete progress, check our instagram. https://www.instagram.com/kumalifting/

Each client receives:

-Individualized programming
-24/7 unlimited technique feedback
-In-person coaching and meet coaching if you're local to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs

The price is $80/month.

Contact: kumalifting@gmail.com