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Thread: how to use water for recovery?

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    how to use water for recovery?

    hello guys,im very interested in this topic

    i have tried turkish baths,cold showers,thermal springs and cold river swimming
    i m still not sure how to use water for recovery benefits

    i think im gonna keep cold showers postworkout,im going to visit a turkish bath with hot water once per week
    and im gonna try to do winter swimming in sea

    wut do you think about this topic?

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    did some research. googled. found some studies. Seems like it was suboptimal that way they did it.
    so who knows if it works. studies seemed weak and inconclusive.

    That said, I've tried it.
    What I did is contrast baths . . .I don't think shower is going to do shit IMO. . . water sprinkling over skin. Give me a break.
    I fill one bath w/ 50# ice cubes, the rest cold water.
    Other bath real hot water w/ bath salts.
    Start w/ the hot one, 3 minutes.
    Move to cold one, 4minutes in there.
    Back to the hot one, 5 minutes
    (your flesh in super cold now, its going to take longer to switch gears. . . also water is both baths are changing slowly temperature )
    Back-n-forth for 4 cycles . . . 4hot/4cold . . . staying in the water longer each time.

    Hard to say if helps. Would do only once a week on an off day (recovery day).

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    thnk you for the reply man
    imo showers are helpfull.not sure if cold>contrast
    no i do contrast showers and i can tell the difference after a heavyy ass work out

    that said,of course i agree that bath>shower and i know that some top athletes are doing ice baths
    problem is i do not have a bath on my appartment

    i think im gonna try to do winter swimming this year although i dont like the salted water
    plus im gonna hit a turkish bath once per week

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    Your best bet is to just drink the water. Staying hydrated is good for recovery and injury prevention!

    Also, mbasic, hi, nice to see you have time to post over here too. Rip's forum is nice too but I'm laying low since he banned half a dozen of my alt accounts. Don't wanna piss him off too much all at once : )

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    apparently not people care about this object
    weird imo cos its so intresting

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermind View Post
    apparently not people care about this object
    weird imo cos its so intresting
    Our off topic forum doesn't get much traffic.

    On a side note, I love cold showers.

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    i went to the see yesterday to swim
    felt like Zeus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got disappointed that i didnt did it earlier

    i saw the temperature on the car,was 16oC,dont know the water's temp but it was freezing

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    i regulary using ice after work out for my shoulders and formarms
    and having cold showers
    not as good as going into the sea at winter but its do its part

    also im having a hot af bath every Sunday

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