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Thread: Bushido Survives Trainng Log

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    Tempo-Pause Back Squat (3 sec eccentric, 1 sec pause): 102x4, 114x3x4
    Power Clean: 102x3, 111x2x1

    -1.5 hours of pickleball
    Power Clean: 102x3, 102x2, 107x1
    Pause Bench: 85x2x5, 89x5
    Ab circuit
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    1/14 (quick lift)
    Power Snatch: 72x3, 82x2x1, 82x2xxx (2 misses), 77x2x1 (was pulling very asymmetrically due to my flight the previous day and sleeping in my car haha)
    Pause Back Squat (3 second eccentric/1 second pause): 102x2x6
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    Power Snatch 73x3, 80x3, 75x4
    Pause Back Squat (3 sec eccentric and 2 sec pause) 116x3x4
    Hanging Leg Raises 3x10, Ring pull-ups (3x5), L-sits

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    Power Clean: 102x3, 111x1, 113x1, 116x1, 118x1
    Deadlift: 143x2x4, 165x2x2, 180x2, 143x2x4 (s/s with external/internal oblique work with bar rotation)
    Nutcheck Set: 143x11 followed by 5 shrugs
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    Pause Bench Press: 84x5, 93x3, 84x5, 84x5
    Dips: 15, 20 s/s with antagonistic bicep curl sets of 10s
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    Power Snatch: 73x3, 80x3, 85x2, 91x1
    Pause Tempo Back Squat (3 sec eccentric 1 sec pause): 118x3x4
    3 sets of 5 box jumps super setted by 3 sets of 10 hanging leg raises to decompress spine.

    1.5 hours of pickleball in the morning.
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    Power Clean: 102x3, 111x1 (couldn't take it higher, didnt have time)
    Back Squat: 111x4x6
    Deadlift: 155x2x6
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    Pause Bench Press: 62x10, 70x10, 77x8, 80x6
    Bent Over Row: 85x10, 90x10, 95x8 (+1 power clean here), 102x6 (+1 power clean here)
    KB Upper Trapezius Raises s/s with Lateral Raises and Band Pull Aparts (4x10 each)
    Bicep Curls and Hanging Leg Raises 3x10
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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    2/10 (little break)
    Pause Bench Press: 85x5, 93x3, 102x1
    Power Clean: 102x3x1
    Back Squat (4 normal + 1 pause): 102x5, 114x5
    Power Clean: 102x5x1 s\s with hanging toe to bar raises 3x5

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    Power Clean: 102x3, 111x1, 116x1
    Deadlift: 143x5, 160x8 (had 3 more in tank)
    Back Squat: 102x5x5
    ~Surgite atque resurgite dum agni leones fient~

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