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Thread: Bushido Survives Trainng Log

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    8/17/2014 (Was supposed to be my day off)

    -No feet Clean: 60kgx1x1, 65kgx1x1, 68kgx1x1, 72kgx1x1, 74kgx1x1, 75kgx2x1 (ugly form first one..missed second)

    -Strict Press: 40kgx1x5, 45kgx1x5, 50kgx1x5, 55kgx1x1


    -No Feet Snatch: 58kgx1x1, 60kgx1x1, 62kgx1x1, 64kgx1x1 (PR), 65kgx1x1 (PR)

    -Snatch: 68kgx1x2, 70kgx1x1, 72kgx1x1, 75kgx3x1 (missed all three in front..wasn't staying over bar enough)

    -Clean and Jerk: 70kgx1x2, 75kgx1x1, 78kgx1x1, 80kgx1x1, 82kgx1x1, 83kgx1x2 (first one didn't hit jerk got lightheaded), 85kgx1x1

    -Snatch High Pull: 70kgx1x2, 73kgx1x2, 75kgx1x2, 80kgx1x2, 83kgx1x2

    -Clean High Pull with rebend: 75kgx1x2, 78kgx1x2, 80kgx1x2, 83kgx2x2, 85kx3x2

    -Back Squat: 90kgx3x3

    -Press: 40kgx1x5, 45kgx15, 50kgx1x3, 55kgx1x1, 52kgx1x2

    -Grappling: ran into a buddy of mine and we did some slow newaza and positional work (side mount to scarf to wrist lock/arm bar/butter choke).. first time hitting the mat in 4 months...was nice to roll light.
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    -Snatch: 60kgx1x2, 65kgx1x2, 68kgx3x2 (missed the last rep on my last set forward.. i banged the bar and didn't stay over it enough)

    -Clean and Jerk: 60kgx1x2, 65kgx1x2, 70kgx1x2, 75kgx3x2

    -Clean High Pull with rebend: 80kgx1x3, 83kgx3x3

    -Clean High Pull w/o rebend: 80kgx1x3, 83kgx3x3

    -Back Squat: 84kgx5x5 (75%)

    -Was taught how to use straps the correct way.. apparently i've been improperly utilizing them LOL
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    -Hang Snatch (high hip/power position): 55kgx3x3

    -Hang Snatch (low hip): 55kgx3x2, 58kgx1x2

    -Snatch: 60kgx1x1, 65kgx1x1, 68kgx1x1, 70kgx1x1, 73kgx1x1, 75kgx1x1, 77kgx2x1 (missed both in front... wasn't extending vertically), 70kgx2x1 (within 30-40 seconds of each other)

    -Hang Clean (high hip/power position): 65kgx1x(2+1), 68kgx1x(2+1), 70kgx3x(2+1)

    -Clean and Jerk: 70kgx1x1, 73kgx1x1, 76kgx1x1, 79kgx1x1, 80kgx1x1, 83kgx1x1, 85kgx1x1, 75kgx2x1 (first one...i somehow got light headed on and missed jerk..heinous)

    -Snatch High Pull: 60kgx1x3, 65kgx1x3, 68kgx1x3, 70kgx1x3, 73kgx1x3, 76kgx1x3, 77kgx1x3, 80kgx1x3 (was pulling these up comfortably to my collarbone without rebend)

    -Strict Press: 45kgx1x5, 50kgx1x3, 53kgx1x3, 56kgx1x2 (first time getting a double at 56kg)
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    Who's your coach now? Whoa when did you snatch 80?
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    Do I know you by any chance? Snatched both 77kg and 80kg for the first time on 7/21. I drop by Roger's gym once or twice a week for guidance.


    -Snatch: 60kgx1x2, 63kgx1x2, 65kgx1x2, 68kgx1x2, 70kgx1x2, 71kgx1x1 (Power Snatched this), 72kgx1x1, 74kgx1x1 & 75kgx1x1 (missed these in front)

    -No feet Power Clean with Jerk: 60kgx1x1, 65kgx1x1, 70kgx1x1, 73kgx1x1, 75kgx1x1, 77kgx1x1 (PR..pulling the living hell out of this)

    -Power Clean and Jerk: 80kgx1x1 (tried for no feet but jumped), 82kgx1x1, 84kgx2x1 (was a quarter squat on both attempts, not really a power here)

    -Press: 40kgx1x5, 47kgx1x3, 52kgx1x3
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    8/27/14 (in kilos)

    Back Squat: 88x2x6

    Snatch: 60x1x1, 65x1x1, 68x1x1, 71x1x1 (missed twice)

    Power Snatch and OHS: 60x1x1, 65x1x1, 68x1x1, turned into fulls 71x1x1, 73x1x1

    Snatch from High Hip and Hang (1 and 1): 58x3x2

    Clean and Jerk: 75x1x1, 78x1x1, 80x1x1, 82x2x1 (clean and jerked after squatting light headed and had these crashing into me)

    Clean High Pull: 82x1x3, 85x1x3, 88x1x3, 91x1x3, 94x1x2

    RDL: 60x1x8, 62x1x8, 65x1x8

    Press and Strict Hand Stand Pushup: 5 HSPU, 40kgx1x5, 3 HSPU, 45kgx2x5, 3 HSPU

    -Had to take a 4 day break courtesy of an eye infection from my contact lenses. I took it as a deload and came back slightly rusty today. My ligaments and tendons feel rested up and I am ready to attack this next block of training.
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    8/28/2014 (in kilos)

    -Snatch: 60x1x2, 65x1x2, 68x1x2 (missed second), 70x2x1, 72.5x2x1 (missed first), 75x2x1 (missed second)

    -High Hang Snatch: 55x2x2 (was missing some in front and it was due to the fact that I had no grip.. used straps for first time on classical movements on next sets), 60x2x2

    -Clean and Jerk: 70x1x2, 75x1x1, 78x1x1, 80x1x1, 82x2x1 (missed both of in front and one put me on my ass..wasn't happy i was the nail)

    -Snatch High Pull: 80kgx3x3, 82.5kgx1x3, 85kgx1x3

    -Press: 50x1x5, 55x1x3, 58x1x0, 57x1x0 (really wanted 60kg here but was simply tired)

    -This was a horrendous workout.. Somedays you are the hammer and somedays you are the nail. I was mis-timing everything today and it showed. I wasn't finishing my pulls on either my snatch or clean and jerk. Training tomorrow and am hoping to smooth out inconsistencies.
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    8/29/2014 (in kilos)

    Back Squat: 88x3x6

    Snatch: 60x1x3, 65x1x3, 70x1x2,73x1x1, 75x1x2, 77x1x2 (1 miss..had bar overhead and locked out but lost it in front), 81x1x1 (PR), 83x1x2 (missed both...first one I barely missed just didnt have active shoulders and lock out)

    Clean and Jerk: 75x1x1, 78x1x1, 80x1x1, 83x1x1, 85x1x2 (couldn't catch bounce on either of these and legs were fatigued)

    Clean High Pull with rebend: 80x2x3, 83x3x3, 87x1x3, 90x1x3

    Press: 50x1x5, 55x1x2, 58x1x1 (PR)

    -Didn't expect a snatch PR today, especially since I was completing classical lifts after back squats. Clean and Jerks were slightly disappointing, but as my timing gets better and legs get stronger I should be able to catch the bounce and push out with more conviction. Focused on slowing down the first pull on the clean and jerk today.
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    Snatch: 60x1x2, 65x1x2, 70x1x2, 73x2x1, 75x2x1, 77x2x1 (missed both slightly in front)

    Clean and Jerk: 65x1x1, 70x1x1, 75x1x1, 80x1x1, 83x1x1, 85x2x1 (was catching these rounded)

    Clean High Pull: 85x1x3, 88x3x3

    Clean Deadlift Shrug: 90x1x5 (gonna start doing sets of 5 once a week on clean deadlifts and push these up.. They seem to translate over to a much easier first pull for me on cleans.
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    Back Squat: 88x2x6

    Snatch: 65x1x2, 70x1x2, 70x2x1 (missed first single), 73x2x1 (missed both. second one was fast under.. was just cutting off pull. was fatigued today)

    Power Clean and Jerk: 75x1x1, 78x1x1, 80x1x1, 83x1x1, 85x2x1 (missed both)

    RDL: 60x1x8, 65x1x8

    *tried to straighten out my arms on cleans, since I have a slight arm bend. I'm not going to attempt to rectify this issue at this point.
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