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Thread: 2015 World Championships, Houston

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    2015 World Championships, Houston

    The 2015 World Weightlifting Championships in Houston Texas were a monumental event. This was the first time that the WWC was on US soil in decades. There was much speculation about the attendance and performance of the world's best Weightlifters, as USADA has a notorious reputation for stringent drug testing, and this was, the first event where the host country's doping control would be in charge of an event. Although some big names were not on the docket, such as Ilya Ilyin and fierce rival Ruslan Nurudinov, as well as defending world Champion Ruslan Albegov and former Olympic Champion Behdad Salimi, the event turned out to be one of the best of all time. For those in attendance, it would turn out to be one for the record books, in both world records broken, and record number of doping busts from a single event. As of right now it could possibly stand as "the last epic Weightlifting event" in history, as the following year the IOC and IWF went on a rampant streak of retests, dating back to 08, seeing many fan favorites fail retests of samples that were conducted with newer, more sensitive technology. While big name lifters such as the previously mentioned Ilyin took did not attend the WWC in preparation for the 2016 Rio games, it turned into a cruel irony, as Houston proving to be his last opportunity to lift on the world stage, since his doping ban will push him well past his prime as an athlete. Despite many of the records being recalled, and medals exchanged, Houston still features some amazing lifting, close battles, and shocking bomb-outs from the likes of Lu Xiaojun and 3 of his countrymen. The women also put on a great showing, with my personal favorite being in the women's 75kg, which featured a gusty performance, as DPRK athlete Rim, suffered a hip injury during the snatch portion of competition and still managed to fight her way for an overall medal in the clean and jerk. Despite your feelings on doping, and the future of Weightlifting, there is a massive amount of entertaining Weightlifting featured here, as being hosted in the US made the championship one of the most accessible in Weightlifting history.

    Women's 48kg

    Women's 58kg

    Women's 63kg

    Women's 69kg

    Men's 56kg

    Men's 62kg

    Men's 69kg

    Men's 77kg

    Men's 85kg

    Men's 94kg

    Men's 105kg

    Men's +105kg

    Other footage:


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