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Thread: Book Recomondations

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    Quote Originally Posted by T_M View Post
    From the last couple of months, these are some that will stick with me for a while:

    The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann
    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    magic mountain is awesome
    pure gold m8
    i loved it
    the other one by Shelly was very boring for me
    wut your opinion?

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    I would think Cormac would be big in weightlifting circles. high-literature and high-testosterone, a classical landscape painter and tragedian that never feels like work to read.

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    pilgrims progress-john bunyan
    alices adventures in wonderland-lewis carroll
    the moonstone-wilkie collins
    3 men in a boat-jerome k jerome
    the 39 steps-john buchan
    the great gatsby-f scott fitzgerald
    brave new world-aldous huxley
    lord of the flies-william golding
    on the road-jack kerouac
    to kill a mockingbird-harper lee
    prime of miss jean brodie-muriel spark
    breakfast at tiffanys-truman capote

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    bump for book gainz

    i had the excersices i style
    i got the three musketeers od dumas and karamazof brothers
    im gonna read em on the next 2 months
    i hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermind View Post
    book gainz
    It's funny you should say that. I stumbled on this on facebook (I follow him on facebook and though he's a track and field guy he posts a lot of insightful stuff about training and coaching) and decided that this year I'd do more reading and spend some time leveling up my real world persona as opposed to leveling up video game characters. Burned through a couple of gift cards and now I have a stack of books to keep me occupied for a while, once I finish Mike Tyson's Undisputed Truth that I got for Christmas (boy did he have a fucked up childhood). Hopefully I remember to come back here and comment on the good ones. In the meantime, if anybody likes military sci fi:

    Dune by Frank Herbert (everything Dune after this was alright, but this one was excellent)
    Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (much better than the movie in my opinion)
    Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein (not much like the movie, much better)
    The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
    Old Man's War by John Scalzi

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    I am almost done with "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress"

    Very good book so far.

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    i got 2 books from friderik nietzsche
    happy science and thus said zarathustra

    felt good.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by nevermind View Post
    i got 2 books from friderik nietzsche
    happy science and thus said zarathustra

    felt good.jpg
    Good luck with Zarathustra. I recently finished Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil. It was worthwhile but not an easy read...ended up supplementing with some online interpretive essays for assistance.

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    Been re-reading Breakfast of Champions and The Brothers Karamazov recently, interesting duality on free will and morality even though the two books couldn't be topically further from each other.
    γνῶθι σεαυτόν

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    in for more book gainz

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