Can a Club gym weightlifting session be run by a club member who does not have a coaching or personal training certification:

Our volunteer run free weight lifting gym (NIH Wt Lifting Club) is actively working to expand.
We are sponsored by the R&W who provides a trailer and a good deal of the funding for gym equipment.

Currently the R&W approved model is that all sessions need to be done in the presence of a person with some sort of coaching or PT certification.
In order to grow we need to be able to have at least three people approved to open Club sessions. It is challenging to have volunteer club members be asked to pay for certifications.
Does anyone know of a law that states this to be true or false?
FYI, the responsibilities of these running a session are to open the trailer, handle any injury or emergency, and close the trailer after use. These persons would be allowed to work-out during the same time.
These persons are not being asked to act as a coach.

PS Location: Bethesda, Maryland NIH main campus