Welcome to "The Library." Our goal with this sub-forum is to provide an exhaustive list of Weightlifting related articles, books and references. As you know finding good information about Weightlifting can be difficult. Hopefully this forum will take out some of the guess work and hassle by providing reviews by forum regulars (so you know you can trust the opinion, not just some random on Amazon), places to download or purchase, and develop discussions from presented data.

Currently only moderators can create new threads in The Library, however if you would like add a thread or review, please contact one of the mods with your content and will post it. Please try to follow as closely as possible to the following format:

About the Author

About the Book (the review)


Cons (essentially cliff note versions of the review)

Related Links (where to buy, download, etc...)

Pictures (maybe just a few interesting bits or highlights, doesn't have to be dozens of pictures)

Please comment here with any questions or concerns. Thanks!