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Thread: Bringing feet in after the clean before jerk?

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    Ok so there are some really simple pros and cons to each and the needs and strengths of the individual lifter will change which is better. Similar to how different snatch/clean setups will adjust certain technical issues.

    Wider stance:
    Easier to maintain wide-catch (laterally) for athletes who always fucking tightrope.
    Less chance of pitching forwards during the dip (ergo, deeper dip is possible)
    Could address some hip tightness issues
    Improves glute activation for most athletes (but not all)

    Narrow stance:
    More leg drive
    Easier to increase vertical displacement between extension and catch (assuming we get lateral movement of feet too)
    More difficult to involve glutes for many athletes
    Can't dip as low

    I'd say these at the main differences. For athletes who struggle with bar height and tend to have a v short dip, a narrower stance works pretty well. For those who get sufficient height but tightrope, pitch forward or tend to dip low (what Everett would call a "strength jerk" I suppose, though I hate that dichotomy) it might be better to go wider. Finding somewhere between the two is usually a long-term process and depends on what the limiting factor is at the time, because its rarely the same for long

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blairbob View Post
    Cal Strength seems to prefer rather Spitz does of the wider foot stance for the Jerk.

    Supposedly to mitigate traveling forward in the dip with the knees.

    Hell most Americans let the knees travel forward in the dip. And Im talking about our best lifters, not the backend of the A sesh or below.

    I don't like it.
    I am not sure that I can follow you. The torso has to stay upright during the dip. Therefore the knees have to travel forward. If the knees should remain in place with a vertical shin, the torso would need to inclince. Or am I completely missunderstanding you?

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    You are misunderstanding me. Refer to Liam's post.

    Many Americans seem to have the knees shift directly forward rather than splay out.

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