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Thread: In search of a European qualifying total

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    In search of a European qualifying total

    Currently chasing down the European qualifying total (U23 initially, as a milestone, then the senior), so I thought I'd blog my training stuff in the meantime because I like talking about it and none of my real friends care enough

    Week 1 has been a hell of a ride and I'm really excited to be back on the horse.

    Monday (7th August)

    Snatch DL + Snatch
    One of my favourite exercises but it gets real rough real quick.
    Singles to 135 ("heavy" single - didn't feel so heavy in hindsight), followed by doubles (Dl+Sn, Dl+Sn) at 115-120.

    Power Jerk + Jerk
    A favourite exercise and something I prescribe to athletes a lot.
    1+1 at 155 (another 5kg PB)
    Dropped the power jerk and Split up to 170 (+5Kg on any jerk, +10 from the blocks)
    Drop sets 2+1 at 135, 140, 145, 150

    Paused Back Squat + Back Squat
    5x(2+3) at 185

    Clean Deadlift
    5x5 @ 180
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    Tuesday is light day (8th August)

    Paused Snatch + 2 OHS
    I hate overhead squats, but the paused snatches felt really good and the adjustments to my setup from the start of this program seem to be working well for the first phase. Knees are out of the way more effectively and weight distribution has improved.

    Only went up to 90 for this exercise, 4x1+2, very light indeed.

    Power Clean + Power Jerk
    4x2 at 125

    Military press
    4x4 at 75

    DB shoulder press
    4x12 at 30
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    Wednesday (9th August)
    The final post before I'm back in real time. Wednesdays are always fun because of the lack of real rest.

    Block Snatch
    Fav exercise, no doubt.

    4x3 at 125, 130, 130 and 135 (might be a PB)
    4x1 at 140

    Was going to attempt 140x3 but my lockout wasn't very solid due to fatigue. Left it there, had some good fun though and it never felt heavy. Good extension, arms and UB were just made of jelly.

    Clean + 2FS + Jerk
    I hate no exercise more than I hate this exercise.
    4x1+2+1 at 135, 140, 145 and 150 (a silly PB - maybe 20 - but it doesn't count if its been 3 months since ya last PB)

    Paused FS + FS
    My catch position needs a lot of work.
    4x2+2 at 152.5

    Snatch Deadlifts
    Something really clicked here, felt much smoother.
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    Friday (11th August)

    2x2 at 120
    1x3 at 125
    2x1 at 130

    2+1 at 140, 145, 150 and 155

    Back squat
    3 at 190, 200, 207.5, 212.5

    Deficit clean deadlift (no floor contact)
    5x5 at 170

    Press and curls because big arms are fun.
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    Saturday (12th August)
    Tired today, but that was the plan. Not much to note - Hang snatch was at a good % so I'm feeling good despite fatigue.

    Hang Snatch
    Singles: 120, 125, 130, 135

    Power Clean + Power Jerk
    Singles: 120, 130, 135

    Deep Good Mornings
    3x5 at 50kg
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    Monday (14th August)
    Super tired today due to some life stuff getting in the way. gonna increase my commitment and adapt the program because there's another week in the build-up than I thought!

    Deadlift + Snatch
    Heavy single at 135
    4x2(1+1) at 120-125

    single stayed the same, pushed the volume sets further this week.

    Power Jerk + Jerk
    4x1+1 at 150

    More extra volume at similar weights to last week

    Back squat
    4x3 at 210


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    Wednesday (16th August)
    Felt good today - new singlet was on and, though I felt creaky as ever, I put up some decent numbers in a new and very weird environment.

    Black Snatch (at knee)
    4x2 at 133kg

    This was tough - the blocks are hardly adjustable and very low so the bar begins at the distal attachment of the patellar tendon - hard to negotiate position from there. Felt pretty comfortable when it went well and some really good reps came out of it - a few backwards misses but nothing to worry about. Back to good blocks tomorrow and hopefully a little more familiarity!

    Clean + FS + Jerk
    1+1+1 at 160kg (PB+10)
    3x(1+2+1) at 150kg

    Felt good, can't put a new singlet on and not do well!

    Beltless singles to 220 (RPE 9)
    Banded 6s to 170kg+20 bands

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    Friday (18th August)
    Tired today - the success of Wednesday's session was fantastic but I could feel it into my bones today. Was all about keeping to the plan and putting out good reps at decent weights. Nothing crazy, just put in the work before a week of rest and recovery. The program really kicks off on Monday so it will be nice to rest up ahead of time.

    4x2 at 120-125

    Felt tired and a little out of the rhythm at first, but it came right very quickly and I made some good technical tweaks. Butt was too low in the start, so I've changed that and it flew - even on tired legs and a spicy back.

    Clean + Jerk
    1x(2+1) at 155
    2x(2+1) at 145

    155 for a heavy single (same as last week) despite feeling unbelievably tired. Always a good sign, equal PR and without too much zest in the legs. I'm thinking I'd be good for 160+ on good legs, and maybe up to 170 in the competition CJ soon.

    Deficit Clean Deadlifts (No floor touch)
    3x5 at 160

    Love/hate this exercise but it feels easier and better by the week - wanted to back off the strength work slightly today in anticipation of the week to come. Feels really good and the plan is to take this exercise up towards 180-200 for sets of 3-5, just to get comfortable with the weights that I'll be lifting in competition over the next year.

    Cyclist squats
    3x10 at 70-100

    Nothing crazy, just keeping the legs moving and getting a sik pump after a lot of work. I enjoy these far too much and they'll be included in the program from next week so its a good idea to get comfy with them now.

    Accessory work
    Fat grip seated row - 4x10-12
    G-H Raise - 3x8

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