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Thread: Eleiko v. Uesaka Training bars

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    Eleiko v. Uesaka Training bars

    Okay, so I have a question for those of you that have used both of these bars. I've lifted on older versions of both and newer Eleiko's.

    I've gotten permission from the wife to purchase a new bar, money not really an issue, and these are my top choices. I've heard and seen inconsistencies in the newer Eleiko knurling, so am leaning toward the Uesaka bar.

    Thoughts?? Also, please say why you would choose one over the other. Thanks!!

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    I'd always lean towards Uesaka, the barbell is indestructible and is pretty perfect, so much so that it has not needed any more than a cosmetic update since the 80s. Eleiko's bars are constantly changing, for better or for worse.

    Also when broken in, the Uesaka barbell doesn't get that extreme spin that most older Eleikos get. Not sure about the NxG Eleikos, but even training and comp bars up to 2016 eventually broke in like that I have seen. I prefer not to train on an overly spinny barbell because it can easily over rotate or sleeves continue to spin while overhead or in the rack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b_degennaro View Post
    Also when broken in, the Uesaka barbell doesn't get that extreme spin that most older Eleikos get.
    I always thought that was a good thing until I read the in depth review that Broz posted about the NxG bars. Makes sense that you don't want the bar to spin too much but never had thought about it before.

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    Why is too much spin a bad thing?

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    I have an Uesaka Competition (newer) and an Eleiko WL training bar (about three years old) in the garage. I touched, looked at a new version Eleiko at Broz's last week. It looks like a nice bar. It is the bar just below the WL training bar. While at Broz's I use one of his old Uesaka training bars which I love. He has a bunch and they take a beating.

    I would purchase Uesaka because I friggin love my bar. Contact @uesaka.joe Joe Hamblin on Instagram if you go that route

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    I have a 37y/o Eleiko bar that is like new and has seen a lot of heavy lifts.

    I'd go with Uesaka though because I prefer the knurling over Eleiko. I also like the balance, tensile strength, spring, etc., of the Uesaka. The Uesaka bumpers are great.

    I'd prefer a little more spin than the Uesaka has, but it isn't a deal breaker.

    Some personal preferences here. You won't go wrong either way.

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    I have had a Uesaka com bar for 7 yrs and a eleiko training bar for about 4 yrs. Both are great though I prefer the eleiko training bar''s slightly sharper knurl.

    I wouldn't get an eleiko COMP bar for TRAINING as the sharpness varies in the manufacturing process i.e the first ones coming off the press are way sharper than bars coming off the press later on (the presses are replaced every so many bars). After a certain number of bars have been pressed (knurled) then bars after that are the training bars. That is, the training bars are identical to comp bars except for the knurl being less sharp. So the knurl on the training bars varies a bit also but i prefer my Eleiko training bar over the Uesaka comp bar.

    Having said all that its still kind of splitting hairs as both bars are great.

    HOWEVER if you live in the tropics or a region with high humidity definitely get the eleiko as it is chromed and won't rust while the uesaka will rust.

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    Thank you all for your opinions. I've decided to order the Uesaka based on knurling primarily, but consistent spin second (thanks b_degennaro). I live in AZ, which is usually very dry, hot climate. We don't have issues with rust down here, mostly.

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    Just a heads up, I was working with Joe on a quote and almost pulled the trigger on a Uesaka bar; however the company replied that they have no interest in testing their bars for radiation. The radiation following the Fukushima disaster is ongoing and radiation is not only being detected as far south as Tokyo, but it's turning up in goods, including vehicles, and in scrap metal shipments. My local fire department said they would test the bar for me, but I decided to avoid the hassle. The Uesaka factory is only 130km from Fukushima and they get their steel west of there.

    The Fukushima problem has not gone away. Below are some links:

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    in case anyone is curious, once metal becomes contaminated with radiation, the actual metal becomes radioactive. You can't wash it off. Please consider testing any goods shipped from Japan.

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