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Thread: is bench press counter productive for oly lifting?

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    is bench press counter productive for oly lifting?

    wut title says

    personally i do military and incline press

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    ya'll go ahead and post the vids of top lifters benching. here i'll start you;

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    I don't think so...unless it starts to negatively impact your mobility or recovery. However, like any exercise, you should use to aid the competition lifts. So, bench specific routines and exercises are probably not a good choice and can lead to fatigue (and hypertrophy) that can be counterproductive.

    With that said, As mentioned above, lots of great lifters bench. There's even footage of Kolecki benching a month out from his epic performance at the world's.

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    Benching is good for looking jacked, but I dont think that there can be much carryover to the lifts. If there is carryover you can probably get it from military press instead.. or even a seated press from higher pins.

    I also think that most of the high level weightlifters that you see bench decent numbers probably do drugs and get by on a low volume bench approach. For most natural lifters you need a lot of volume to get to a big bench. If you spend a lot of energy on benching you cant do the lifts as much.

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    I never trained the bench, but my jerk was almost 15kgs beyond what I could clean. My son was the opposite, almost, 10kgs behind what he could clean. We tried everything to improve his jerk. Push jerk, push press, press, overhead supports in the power rack, jerk recoveries in the power rack, overload 1/4 squats, lockouts in the power rack, various rep schemes. Almost everything that is.

    Speaking to some of the guys with big jerks revealed that most of them did bench presses. Keeping in mind Jeff could not bench press close to his snatch, maybe 100lbs less, as he did not train the bench. Once a week bench presses, 3s and 5s, and he got his single close to his snatch. Jerk took off and was pretty close to his clean. He related that the bar felt much lighter on his chest and he felt sturdier overhead.

    If your jerk is your weak link, I'd consider giving the bench press a go.

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    I've found a direct correlation between my floor press and jerk. Bench presses tend to mess with my mobility but floor presses do not. I stopped floor pressing for a bit and my jerk progress stalled. Once I re-introduced it the jerk felt stronger and more stable again.

    I pause for a second and push to full lockout every rep. Also use the same grip width as my jerk. I do sets of 5 or more 95% of the time and once in a while I'll hit a heavy triple.

    No idea why it has the impact it does but who cares I suppose.

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    I think it's worth keeping in mind how strong these lifters are when we see them do a bench press with around 180kg. This is clearly a lot of weight, but Okulov for example has done a 180 snatch for a double, and if I remember correctly a 190 hang snatch. So while 180kg bench is a lot, it's really not that much relative to his strength levels. For lower level amateurs I see a lot more 100kg bench presses than 100kg snatches.

    I think most lifters wouldn't have to do a lot of work to get the bench press around the level of their snatch. If you're not capable of this then it probably is a weakness you should correct.

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    Floor press as a triceps exercise really makes a lot of sense. Shouldn't tighten the shoulders and should be able to load it up more than a PushPress.

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    I am a decent bench presser (150k+). I was slow acclimating to a decent jerk with crap flexibility, but as I straightened it out I have jerked 170 from rack with best clean @153.

    I don't think it hurts. I don't consider it necessary either. I could stand more vertical pressing.

    As a side note, bench pressing after snatch or full workout is awesome. No chest or triceps fatigue, but nervous system primed. You can reached 95%+ with 3-4 fewer sets.

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