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Thread: Looking for a new singlet, a few questions

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    Looking for a new singlet, a few questions

    I've worn a cheapo wrestling singlet for 2+ years now and it's getting small on me.

    I have few questions and I apologize if this is the wrong forum:

    What is the actual difference between a wrestling and weightlifting singlet? I know some WL singlets have reinforced thighs/deltoid area, but other than that is there a difference? I tried on a Nike weightlifting singlet and it felt like a bit thicker of material.

    My problem with most singlets is they're cut too low on the chest or expose too much of the sides of my chest rather, like cut too close to the nipples. I like the way the Nike weightlifting singlets are cut, see: (epic moment btw) but I believe they retail at $130. Are their wrestling singlets the same in terms of how much skin they show?

    Further, are most weightlifting singlets/wrestling singlets sized the same? I've tried on a Nike singlet and have an idea of which size I need. Can I blindly buy a new singlet, say from Adidas, in the size I need and be all set?

    If anyone has any recommendations that'd be cool -- my only caveat is I don't like singlets that zip in the back.

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    i've only had a cheapo adidas one and an SBD. i'm sure it'll depend on the manufacturer but most lifting singlets seem to be cut higher up in the arm pit and wont get so close to your nipples. (nike, the top end adidas, virus, etc).

    you could probably find a better wrestling singlet if you dont want to pay $125+ for a lifting singlet. I bought a singlet from SBD that was $85 (?). I like it better than my cheap adidas one. The SBD is a lot cycling shorts.

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    oh... the only thing is that while the SBD feels sturdy, the legs are shorter and go only to about mid thigh vs. most that go almost to the knee

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    The wrestling one I bought felt tighter around the thighs than the weightlifting one. Both are the same size and both Adidas.

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    I have had an Adidas singlet for about three years and used it for regular training I'd estimate a little under once a week. It's held up really well. Just got a Nike Singlet from my weightlifting club, it doesn't feel as substantial as the Adidas, but is more comfortable to wear.

    On sizing: My Adidas is a 2XL and the Nike is 3XL. Despite that the Adidas larger than the Nike. It might have a lot to do with the Adidas singlet accounting for my height much better(I'm 1.97m/6'5").

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