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Thread: Analysis of Dallas McCarver Autopsy Report

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    Analysis of Dallas McCarver Autopsy Report

    When Dallas passed away last summer, many people were saying he "choked on a bagel." It seems that people want to ignore the dangers of drug use, but for what? To have bigger arms or a bigger squat? Doesn't seem worth it to me.

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    Well at least drug testing in weightlifting is helping people live past 26.

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    To be fair though... that is not drug use. There is use, and then there is abuse, and then there is this. Not even in the same zip code as abuse. A guy like that? his life's goal is to be the next Coleman, or Big Rami, and that is not going to happen without making the decision that you will likely die before 50. The bar keeps rising, and with every new ratchet upwards, the abuse is going to get worse. I doubt the untested weightlifting monsters ov the 80's even came within a tenth ov the total dosages these guys see now. To this guy i say, thats a risk taken, and well... he lost. No loss. He died doing what he loved and taking a shot at glory. I respect that. It was an educated decision.

    What i DONT like... is certain forums (i wont name) and certain celebrity gym-rats (i also wont name) glorifying drug ABUSE, and telling kids they need to pretty much take suicidal doses ov drugs to even get in the door. I see the results ov that reprehensible behavior even locally. I know KIDS on 5 grams ov gear. Kids no bigger than me, who are going nowhere. That... is sickness.

    Dont kid yourself. Even if weightlifting dropped ALL testing, you'd never see anything close to the abuse you see in bodybuilding, or top-tier strongman. In those games, mass is everything... and in bodybuilding, lean is king. Those are the two primary killers... mass and leanness. Mass itself is a killer, clean or not (whens the last time you saw a fat 80yr old?), but the drugs that give that inhuman mass (HGH, slin, IGF) are the ones that grow organs and kill. Add to that in bodybuilding... the drugs that incinerate fat are the hardest ones on the body. The drugs weightlifters take... the ones for sheer strength and recovery are mild in comparison, even at extreme doses.

    Interesting video though. Nothing surprising, but interesting.

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