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Thread: Frequency?

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    I do find 3on1off2on1off is great compared to 4on1off(+another day then a rest day) even when 2 are lighter like on Catalyst. I could do something 4days in a row but now, I don't want to especially with the way I've put together those 3days with the 3rd being Jerks, PP, and BS. Also, I doubt I could do much more than 80-85% on the 4th day if that. The day after Jerks, BS, and PP I could probably suck myself through 80%+ and I can probably get more total work in, taking the day off and then doing back to back days on Fri/Sat.

    In 45minutes of platform time, I could hit Sn or SnCJ together and maybe one or two other movements. 10-15minutes for Sn and CJ each. It would feel very rushed after the SnCJ with minimal rests besides reloading jumps and sitting down for a second to sip some water though for lighter warmup sets of squats, I don't need much rest until 80% unless I'm bushwacked tired. I'd get 10minutes to do squats and maybe another 5 to get a few sets of RDL's or presses/pullups/dips possibly sort of a circuit. I might also be able to superset squats with another accessory or some kind of circuit of RDL's, presses/dips, pullups/row, and GHD situps or GHR/back ext.

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    i ll go for 8 times this week
    and 9 times the following week

    this is how i ll spent my days off

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