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Thread: Jordan Derksen's 94kg Training Log

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    Tuesday July 3
    Left shoulder was a little bit tweaked today. I moved 8 yards of dirt around my yard yesterday and did a bunch of landscaping so I felt pretty shot today. It showed when I got under the bar. I had some pretty epic fails on snatch. I just kept the weight lighter to compensate for having a crappy day.

    Snatch 5x2
    135f(lol), 135, 155, 185f, 155, 155, 175f, 175, 185
    The fails I had were only one rep. If I fail at the first rep of the set I typically just stand up and walk away to retry in a minute or so.

    Clean and Jerk 2x5
    155, 185
    These felt surprisingly good after the snatch gong show.

    Pause Back Squat 2x5
    225, 225

    Bent Over Row 2x5
    185, 185

    I think I'm going to dump press for a little bit. It makes me sad because I love pressing, but I gotta get my shoulder tweak sorted out before it becomes a big issue. I don't think press is the culprit but I don't wanna chop my already low volume on the lifts so press is gonna go for now.

    Hopefully next session I feel better. I was so tired today.

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    Well, my baby boy was born Thursday morning. I’ll spare the gritty details, but overall labor was pretty traumatizing for me and my wife. We got up at 5am Wednesday morning and spent 19 hours in labor, all of it with horrible back labor. We had a lot of disappointments which made for a very long day. She got an epidural that only froze her leg (didn’t work at all) and we were told to push too early so that screwed everything up. The day ended on Thursday morning with a C-section that turned into an emergency situation when they froze my wife too high and she couldn’t breathe.

    We are more than excited to have our baby and we love him to death. But we started off this journey with a very tough day of birth that left us wrecked.

    I haven’t gotten much sleep since he was born. It’s been around the 2,3,4 mark each night and one night I got 5 hours (broken up of course). With my wife having a section she can’t do much so I’ve got a pretty full plate. I had no idea being a parent would be so hard, but I also had no idea I’d love my son this much. He’s a great baby, not too colicky, so caring for him has been good. It’s the sleep deprivation that’s getting me.

    All this to say I have no idea when I will workout again. I have no energy to even think about the gym. None. Everything I have I need to support my wife and help with our son.

    Honestly, I may not return to the gym until I go back to school in September. I have no plans to do so. If I do it’ll be a bonus to me. I’ve been having trouble eating because the adrenaline we ran on for labor and the first day we had him is gone. I don’t do well with adrenaline. When I go through something where I need a lot of it (which is very seldom) I always have a knotted up stomach and some anxiety when I come down from it. So my calorie intake has been very low. Probably below 2000 which for me is very bad. I need at least 3500 when I’m training hard to maintain.

    His schedule is reversed right now, he sleeps all day and is up all night. Hopefully that rights itself soon. If it does maybe I can return sooner. But I’ve been told by many it can take 6 weeks or more before the nights start to get better and you can actually sleep. It’s pointless to try and train in a sleep deprived state.

    So that’s that for now. Who knows what state I’ll be in when I pick up the weights again. Thank goodness for muscle memory. Even if I lose 10-20 pounds and a lot of strength it should only take a few months to come back. And who knows, the break will probably do some good for me.

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