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Thread: Nicholas Guidice

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    Nicholas Guidice

    Recently had Nicholas Guidice up at my gym to give a clinic on the bench press. Nick is a bit of a sleeper in the Powerlifting world, but he recently broke the American bench press record (USAPL) with 238.5kg in the 105kg class. The record is actually above the IPF world record, but it wasn't done at an international meet, so it doesn't count toward the WR. New Hampshire being a small state, we're not known for our strength athletes (or anything really), so it's kind of cool to have a legitimate world caliber strength athlete in our neighborhood.

    I learned a lot at Nick's clinic, so if you have a chance to hear him speak, I'd definitely look into it.

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    That is a legit bench!!

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    I haven't remembered to check this section for a while. That is a perfect bench!

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