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Thread: First Comp need advice

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    My newbie tips. As a noobie, please take into consideration if there will be no disagreement from other comments from the experienced guys.

    1. I am still in in non-conformity with my weight and health. Due to this fact, my attempts usually are very far from the others competitors in my battery. I make my best effort to donĀ“t look around for the number of red plates the guys are loading their bars... better, I use my bluetooth phones to hear my metal, look to my bar and only follow some referee to call for the 10-5 minutes countdown.

    2. As soon as my battery is started usually I am called for my first snatch attempt. This one, I set it to a value which is guaranteed. Usually my warm-up finishes with such load. I made up to three singles with it. This results in success with a high probability. This happened in the three contest I participated. This makes me very confident to proceed. The same principle is applied for the first clean & jerk attempt. This number is usually between 85 to 90% of my current PR.

    3. I am trying to hit 85-90/95-100/105-110% of my current PRs in my attempts. It depends on the adrenalin of the event... I feel happy with little steps. I like to follow this pattern only if my current PR is already part of my trainning sessions, e.g., the PR that I can make a double, sometimes a triple (which is an indicator that such load is already my b**).

    4. Make your best effort to do not create a new warm-up sequence in the competion day. Try to repeat what you are used to do in the days in which you try your maxes (the days that both snatch and CJ are tested. Not only one of them).

    5. The error that I will not try to make again is to bend my elbows during the jerks. Never more. This is good for you to also chek with you camera before, at you gym.

    Good look and tell us your results!

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    if I learned anything from my first meet, its to play your own game.

    In other words, you might see some number shuffling (people changing their weights) and the cards shuffling around. It happens here (in Socal) A LOT. Stick to what youre comfortable with. Even if it means you have to follow yourself. Don't get caught up increasing your number by a kilo or two just to catch a breath or play someone else's game.

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    I just want to say thank you for all the advice. Competition doesn't make me nervous since i was a national ranked swimmer and ranked age group triathlete but the whole card thing seems alittle confusing

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    First of, cool that you are going to compete. It is a lot of fun and will change the way you train. Now I am just guessing you are not going there to win your class.
    Some things I do remember.

    Pack your back the day or even earlier. You might forget something otherwise.

    Be convervative with your lifts. We have saying in German
    that the snatch is a matter of luck, whereas the clean and jerk is man's business. That means many people, when being on the platform, become nervous and screw up their first snatch and it spirals from there. I think going 6 for 6 should be your priority.

    For me it was also strange to lift with people in front of me. In the weightlifting club it is common curtesy not to stand in front of someone that is lifting, but that is where the audience will sit. That really confused me at first. Perhaps have a light technical work out where you practice this. In the same work out you can also practice with the bar slidely angeled, that is, not in a 90 degrees angle to the room. Some people totally freak out when this happens, when the platform is at a strange angle.

    One more thing about the audience and this depends whether you are naturally shy or aggressive. If it is the former you might feel in need of self-confidence lifting in front of an audience. When you walk on and walk around the platform, right when you enter the platform, stomp with your heels once (left and right). This helps to create a bit of aggression and self-confidence.

    Lastly, have fun! The cool thing about weightlifting competitions is that you always and primarily compete against yourself. If you do well, if oyu lift the weights you hoped for, it was a good day. And something to built upon. Don't forget to write how it went!

    Best of luck!
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