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Thread: 2010 World Championships Antalya

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    2010 World Championships Antalya

    Not a single world record was set in the men's division, but the women had their fare share, with records in the 48, 63, 75 and +75 divisions, with records still standing today by Nurcan Taylan with a massive 121kg C&J as a 48, and Maiya Maneza's 143kg C&J in the 63kg class
    Click here for the event wiki

    Women's 48kg
    Videos needed

    Women's 53kg
    Videos needed

    Women's 58kg

    Women's 63kg

    Women's 69kg

    Women's 75kg

    Women's +75kg
    Videos needed

    Men's 56kg

    Men's 62kg

    Men's 69kg

    Men's 77kg

    Men's 85kg

    Men's 94kg
    Snatch Video Needed

    Men's 105kg

    Men's +105kg

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    94kg snatch

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    UPDATE! All women's categories are now available.

    A note regarding the content for these: the 48, 53, 69 (linked above are men) and +75 are new to this thread. All videos below are in 4:3 and have the correct aspect ratio. The 58 shows two snatches and one jerk less, the 63 is equal (all lifts), the 75 shows two 105 snatches less but one 120 more, plus it has all jerks (130) while the above starts late at 150.

    48 WOMEN

    53 WOMEN

    58 WOMEN

    63 WOMEN

    69 WOMEN

    75 WOMEN

    +75 WOMEN
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    UPDATE #2 Some more men's footage added.

    Content comments:

    The 56kg above starts the snatch at 120 (bit late) and shows the rest. The jerk however only goes to 149. The below starts the snatch late at 127 however shows all jerks save for the first at 132. So I would watch both for their parts respectively.
    The 62kg is edited down and missing jerks, the below is complete.
    The 69kg begins snatches/jerks at 143/174 vs. 138/168 below.
    The 77, 85 and 94 are complete as far as I can tell. The +105 linked at 105 is complete as well. The 105 is on the same channel but along with the 77+85+SHW with a slightly wrong aspect ratio because the uploader tried to fix something the wrong way.

    56 MEN

    62 MEN

    69 MEN

    77 MEN

    85 MEN

    94 MEN

    105 MEN

    +105 MEN

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