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Thread: 2009 World Championships Goyang

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    2009 World Championships Goyang

    Despite the fact that it was an exciting event for the women, as quite a few world recorlds were set, the women's sessions seem to be nonexistent on the web. Some other notable moments was the great battle between the two Chinese 56kg lifters Wu Jingbiao and Long Qingquan. This was also when Lu Xiaojun was first being very prominent, breaking both the snatch and total record. He would later go on to break his own record in both at the 2011 World Championships and the Olympic Games in London
    Click here for the event wiki

    Women's 48kg

    Women's 53kg

    Women's 58kg

    Women's 63kg

    Women's 69kg

    Women's 75kg

    Women's +75kg

    Men's 56kg

    Men's 62kg

    Men's 69kg

    Men's 77kg

    Men's 85kg

    Men's 94kg

    Men's 105kg

    Men's +105kg

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    Update! All women's categories now available.

    48 WOMEN

    53 WOMEN

    58 WOMEN

    63 WOMEN

    69 WOMEN

    75 WOMEN

    +75 WOMEN

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    Update #2.

    I've gone through all the men's categories and uploaded them properly. The full 62 is deleted above (Frank's Eurosport is missing some snatches), the other full Russian widescreen sources again weren't properly uploaded (aspect ratios!) and have embedding disabled. I've also corrected some audio sync discrepancies getting progressively worse.
    So if you're fine with CHN/RUS commentary, then:

    56 MEN

    62 MEN

    69 MEN

    77 MEN

    85 MEN

    94 MEN

    105 MEN

    +105 MEN
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