2013 WWC was an amazing event. My personal favorite highlight from the whole competition was the battle between Ruslan Albegov and Bahadour Moulei in the SHW men's division. Although the Russian easily bested the Iranian in the snatch, Moulei made a 255 C&J look like a toy. The Russian attempted the weight and missed, and it looked as though the SHW crown would once again go to the Middle East, but on his 3rd attempt Albegov pulled it out. The Iranian pushed the bar up to a massive 261kg, and easily cleaned it, just barely missing the jerk behind. Other very notable moments were Lu Xiaojun's 176kg snatch (to break his own record), and Tatiana Kasrhina's absolutely massive 190kg C&J. Of course the image that comes to mind most often from 2013, is Liao Hui's air guitar celebration after his insane 198kg C&J at 69kgs body weight. A number that broke both the C&J world record, as well as the total.
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Women's 48kg
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