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Thread: 2012 European Championships Antalya

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    2012 European Championships Antalya

    You never know what you're going to get with a European Championship. Sometimes countries rest their super stars and send the "B" team in to earn points if they're confident their 2nd string can get it done. It's also a chance for up and comers to get some international experience. Even though you don't always see the biggest weights being lifted, there is typically some good battles. Match-ups to look for here: Răzvan Martin of Romania vs. Alexandru Dudoglo of Moldova in the men's 77kg division. David Bedzhanyan from Russia against fellow countryman Maxim Sheyko in the HW division, and Weightlifting's sweet heart Lidia Valentin of Spain against Russian powerhouse Olga Zubova. This is also the competition that people really started to pay attention to rising start from Azerbaijan Valentin Hristov. The young 56kg lifter easily took first place, and later moved up to the 63kg class, where he crushed all of the junior world records. Unfortunately his rise to Weightlifting stardom has been severly interrupted by a major doping scandal in which nearly a dozen of his fellow countrymen tested positive for Dehydromethyltestosterone
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    Women's 48kg

    Women's 53kg

    Women's 58kg

    Women's 63kg

    Women's 69kg

    Women's 75kg

    Women's +75kg

    Men's 56kg

    Men's 62kg

    Men's 69kg

    Men's 77kg

    Men's 85kg

    Men's 94kg

    Men's 105kg

    Men's +105kg

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