I’m a shade under 5’6” when I met Tanya at the Arnold’s a few years ago, she’s about 1-2” taller than me in regular shoes.

Regarding squat jerks: in theory it makes sense you do not have to drive the barbell as high and therefore work to move around it better just like the snatch and clean evolved to their current iterations. However in application almost every squat jerker does not amortize the barbell’s descent and instead ride it down unnecessarily into an unstable squat position.

Secondly, the squat jerk positions the barbell’s COM and the athlete-barbell system COM significantly higher than it is in a snatch with (typically) a weaker/less steady overhead position compared to the snatch. The base of support is also smaller even relative to the snatch. This is why the split is superior: you make up for the higher combined COM by creating a wider and larger base of support.

Thirdly, if you accommodate for the above and you widen the grip to the point where you’re doing practically a snatch balance in the front rack position you’re placing undue strain on the elbows and shoulders in the rack position, and the barbell is also likely to less secure in the rack. You’d likely need a “snatch balance” surplus of 20-30% over your snatch. The other issue with a wider grip is the chance for elbow dislocation is going to rise.