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Thread: Tokyo Qualification is now up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanwtyler View Post
    CJ is the number 1 ranked lifter in the world????
    Juniors have more opportunities to compete in gold level events than senior lifters. This gives them a slight points advantage.

    Having said that, nations like China seem to be scared to expose their top lifters to drug tested international events unless there is an opportunity to burnish their national prestige or a necessity to compete for qualifying reasons.

    At the current time CJ has lifted often and also lifted very well. He is unsurprisingly ranked in the top tier of lifters.

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    Why compete more than you have to? Especially at competitions that don't really matter. You can only peak so much.

    Besides if you are the top of your class, it's not like you need to compete more per 6mo period to improve your total and play catchup. Only 4 totals matter in the end unless you biff it during one qualification period.

    I'm not saying the Chinese aren't doping. This has been rehashed in the past (besides the fact they produce a lot of drugs/AAS), but given their resources I'm sure they are quite current on substance detection and may not use anything with long detection times. Or at least they can test to make sure what they are using is what they think it is so they don't get burned by thinking something is one substance when it really is another (apparently Oxandrolone is something that is faked quite often).

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    Oxandrolone and methenolone are apparently often faked, from memory.

    I'd echo what bob said - it's unnecessary to compete very regularly and each competition carries greater risk of injury than normal training.
    Also - testing is not training and you can only run someone ragged for a given amount of time.

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