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Thread: Inspiration for old, experience weightlifters

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    Inspiration for old, experience weightlifters

    I love Dave Draper. Who? Never heard of him says 99% of the guys who read this forum.

    Dave Draper is an old time body builder who was popular in the late 50s-early 60s. He's still around and still training at the ripe old age of 76, two years older than yours truly. He publishes an electronic newsletter every week that I read and have learned from. The newsletter is pretty much Dave's rambling (which ranges from good to not so good) and a question and answer piece. I read it religiously to keep me grounded.

    One of the questions and answers I found quite inspiring. Thought those of you who are older and experienced might also might enjoy it. The question and Dave's response is below.

    Question: You often speak of weight lifting as glorious. What do you mean by this? Is weightlifting a spiritual experience for you?

    Answer: Not exactly. It’s wonderful hard work; it hurts, it’s irritating and can be harmful if you’re not smart and we are not always smart.

    It’s time consuming, obsessive and often boring. You never seem to improve no matter what you do; it’s either too much or not enough.

    That’s nothing, you miss a workout and get nervous; you miss two and you can’t talk civilly with anyone and if you miss three, it’s best you don’t go out in public or near a ledge.

    No, come to think of it, weight training is not a religious experience.

    The strange thing is — and I’m not a lone maniac — we love it. It’s absolutely amazing, soul energizing, irresistible and addictive, character building, mind clearing, stress reducing, actually muscle building, fat eliminating and bone strengthening.

    It’ll take a broken person and fix that person, body, mind and spirit, and I’m not making that up or repeating what I heard or read.

    Lift long enough and arrogance is replaced by humility and fear by courage and selfishness by generosity and rudeness by compassion and caring. It demands, teaches and instills respect and responsibility. It’ll bring you to your knees.

    Yes, come to think of it, weight training is a religious experience.

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    yeah, im not too familiar with don but i have heard of him.

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