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Thread: New IWF Technical Rules

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    2004 (2003?) Junior Worlds in Tokyo, Lance Frye got three red lights for spinning the bar with his foot. It was overturned by the jury, but totally fucked with him mentally. Also, Zygmunt came to my gym and saw our rules for Bar Ettiquette and told me to add not touching the bar with your foot to the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFF View Post
    I think this is one of those things that people see other athletes doing and they think it makes them look cool so they pick it up as part of their prelift routine. You see something similar with athletes spinning the bar with their hands. It's pointless, but also a little disrespectful to do it with your foot, especially aggressively.

    I have seen some athletes use their foot to roll the bar backward, as they are the type of athlete that usually has to walk out a lift, so they are giving themselves room.
    or when the loaders left the bar crooked on the platform and you have to roll it straight. i generally hook my toes under and pull it straight. Guess i have to bend down now. ugh... (its not that big a deal)

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