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Thread: what is the difference between these types of clean?

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    what is the difference between these types of clean?

    what is the difference between these types of clean a,b,c?

    a)power clean and press

    b)power clean

    c)clean and press

    (I don't know if 'b' is just a shorthand way of saying 'a' ?)

    And a further question -
    If I understand correctly, a clean (Without qualification i.e. if somebody says "a clean"), it means(assuming proper terminology), a squat clean. Whereas cleans of the form of a,b,c, involve no squat. Is that right?
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    Usually yes, a 'clean' is a full squat clean.

    Power clean:
    - most say caught/racked at the point where the thighs are still above parallel.
    - some say caught/racked at the point where the knee-angle is 90 deg or greater.

    Press: is a strict press, where no heave or knee bend with minimal layback (ideally).

    Clean and Press:
    Many will just say 'clean' here instead of power clean. But usually its a power clean with the press.
    Since the press hasn't been a contested lift for over 40 years....people can't really press
    that much (say in a workout) anymore. You'll just Power clean it to get to where you can press.
    Your grip and rack for this clean maybe way different that a regular power clean/squat clean (for the press part)....
    ....for an optimal press grip (not always; some can press from a front squat rack; some will press from a 'floating rack')

    MOST, shouldn't really NEED TO squat clean their presses.
    The old timey guys did, because their presses were really heavy, and their cleans were just so so (and 'no touch').
    (lol at extreme cases a SHW with a max CJ of ~510# and could press ~500#)

    So maybe in the context of an old meet, where they still did the press .... yes, you'd sometimes squat-clean your press.
    Because that was somewhat easier than powering it. Or their press numbers were so high, it required a squat clean.

    I'd imagine smaller weight classes/lifters aren't going to be pressing huge amounts of weights, those would probably just
    power everything to press it.

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