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Thread: Muscle and strength training (not WL)

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    Muscle and strength training (not WL)

    Little change of pace from the usual 'bulgaria, jon north, DUI, how do I squat 300' threads

    Some of us are in our good ol' offseason currently and as we know by now more muscle = more potential for strength and power. With that in mind, better body composition needs slightly different training as I don't think anyone will argue that snatch, CJ and squats alone are not the best for hypertrophy.

    What are your favourite ways to train to get bigger, stronger, more powerful, which aren't WL specific?

    Does anyone have experience keeping their snatch and clean & jerk abilities on hold for 3-6 months while focusing on other aspects of their athleticism?

    For the thinking man's experienced athlete like Brian DeGennaro (btw your private messages are full) and Jason Bourgeois, and esteemed coach Tony, does anyone feel that different muscle fibre types and the respective results on strength, power compared to size gains is not something most of us need to worry about? My opinion on the matter is that speed, rate of force production and genetic makeup of fast twitch vs slow twitch fibre density in your muscles is primarily genetic? I read on strengththeory (might be strongerbyscience now) recently that it was along those lines in the sense that the best way to increase strength is through hypertrophy, past mastering the movement. Please note that flexibility would not be overlooked.

    Oh and one other thing - does anybody have experience doing those crazy/great Tommy Kono style full body routines? In fairness they aren't that different to any WL plan with the frequency of lower body stuff, or LSUS really. They look like a lot of fun!
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