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Thread: Two questions related to snatch

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    Think about it this way. At some point in the lift, the bar is no longer elevating and will be returning to the platform. Is there any debate here regarding this? At this point, there is no longer any force through the feet into the platform as the bar is moving downward. Therefore, what difference does it make where the feet are, on the platform, in the air, sliding towards the side? None.

    What does matter is where they are when you get under the weight. They must be in a solid position to support the bar, whether overhead or on your shoulders. That's it. I would say, don't even think about it. Pull as high and as fast as possible. When that has been accomplished, pull under the bar as fast as possible. Let the feet do what they will.
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    1. I definitely wouldn't say it's 99% of lifters though it's commonly taught, at least here in the USA via the USAW docs to lift the feet.

    2. Many people are just built to pull more than squat. You seem to be a bit long in the legs compared to your torso. Many think longer bones and what not means longer tendons to store more elastic energy, etc. Compare that to someone with proportionally short or regular sized legs (like me, at 5'1"). Build probably also lends itself to supporting weights as well. Tall and slender vs short and wide. Which is going to be better to support weight on your back or overhead?

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