Hey guys/gals,

Just wanted to make a post sharing my new updated website. I've been programming on the side for years now and decided to update my website and start advertising my services more openly. Usually I've had people randomly message me asking for help with their programming and sent stuff out via spreadsheets, docs, etc.

I'll be offering month to month plans for Weightlifting ranging from a 2-day/week beginner program to a 5-day/week "advanced" program. The 2-day/week and 3-day/week option would be great for those who are just getting into lifting or looking for some extra strength work if their already following some type of "functional fitness program".

We've had a lot of good success with people running these 2 programs and also doing their gyms daily WOD.

The 5-day/week (advanced) program will run 3-days/on, 1-day/off, 2-days/on, 1-day/off.

I'm keeping pricing low for those that want to follow along with the programs or you have the option to run a custom tailored program along with direct communication/coaching from me as well. These spots will be limited to a small handful of athletes to maintain quality of support.

Anyways, take a look around and i'll be adding content as we go to the blog page too.