So, a quick question about remote coaching/programming: how many of you do it? Do you get actual coaching or just a program to follow? What about just paying for a program (such as train heroic? I don't mind paying for a program, but would rather have someone custom writing it for me who could take my input into account v. just spitting some template document. However, I'm not in a place where I can join an expensive club (mostly they're too far for me to drive and too expensive)

Background: I'm a 45 yrs Masters lifter who's been training and competing in this sport for 18 yrs. I love it to the point that I can train pretty much everyday. Obviously, I have to be careful about intensity and volume to train this often. Lately, I've been struggling to make progress (have actually regressed to some degree) and have decided that I cannot program for myself because I just do too much all the time. I need more balance in my programming/training.

Right now I figure my max BS is about 155kg, FS about 130-135kg. I would like to get my squat to 180kg+, while also working the lifts. My current best SN DL is 130kg for 5, CL DL is 147kg for 5. Best classic lifts have dropped and I want them to come back up to around 80/115 minimum by this summer (was at this level a couple yrs ago with same strength numbers). My next competition will be AOS2 in Albuquerque end of July. My end goal this year is to qualify for Master’s Worlds where I need 199kg total at 89kg BW.

I've talked with a couple of folks about remote programming, and one guy said that after reading the above plus some info on latest programs which has brought my leg strength back up why I'm not progressing and that programming alone will not fix it. However, he didn't say what that was. Do any of you see anything as to why I may not be progressing?? This is bothering me now.