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Thread: Elbow pai vs jerk full grip

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    Elbow pai vs jerk full grip

    After looking some videos I decided to use a closed/full grip (for instance, kloklov mentions this).
    cons: I began to feel elbow pains. Only my left elbow is "claiming", but I suspect the other will begin to feel some jealous.
    pros: total and absolutely safe movement.

    I used an open (finger tips) grip for the jerk. It was almost the same grip as the one used during the clean. I only increased the width between hands.
    cons: it was an instable jerk for some reasons.
    pros: I didn´t feel the previousily mentioned elbow pain

    Does anybody experienced this?
    Does anybody know how to solve (for good.. not only ice...) this pain?

    EDIT: a "n" is missing in the title: Elbow pai(n) vs jerk full grip
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    closing your fist tightens the forearm muscles. the forearm muscles will require your elbow to work more. It could be (in my opinion) that you're holding the grip too tightly...or, its just a new movement and your elbow is just getting used to the new stress. If anything, maybe massage your forearm and triceps muscle

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