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Thread: I'd like to get some advice

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    I'd like to get some advice

    Ever since I started back training after a few weeks off over the summer (August) I have been having some pain in my left shoulder. It is more painful when I snatch, or really do any kind of overhead squat. Jerks also will cause pain (especially afterwards), but not as bad as snatches/ovh sq.

    I just pushed through it, thinking that it was something that would eventually go away -- I routinely stretch out my rotator cuff muscles, chest, back muscles, and sporadically do strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff muscles.

    Here in the last several weeks the pain has become pretty bad, to the point that it is limiting my snatch. So I decided to see my doctor who diagnosed 'shoulder impingement' (which I think is the standard go-to diagnosis when someone has a sore shoulder), and she referred me to a pt. The pt gave me a few exercises to do (all of which I have tried sporadically) and said that I should stop doing any kind of overhead lifts for several weeks/months to let the inflammation work its way out and to let the shoulder heal.

    This last part is what I would like advice on. I take my summer break the middle of June (I stay with my in-laws in Europe for the summer, so no proper training), and my last competition for the year is right before that. I have just started a month-long preparatory phase, that will lead into a month-long competition phase, taking me up to my competition. I'm assuming that it's pretty much a given that if I take several weeks off from snatches and jerks then my competition is going to be shot. Considering how I am pretty old (37) I am not sure that I want to do that...but then again I am not sure how well I will perform if my training sucks because of my shoulder.

    Here's my question: In your opinion (or experience) would you take the time off required to heal your shoulder and miss out on a competition (while continuing to train pulls, squats, cleans, etc.) and then go into your summer break, or would you push through it and do your competition and then go into summer break where hopefully the two months of not training will heal the shoulder?
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    If I were you I would take the time needed to let the shoulder heal. At age 37 you will have many opportunities to train and compete.

    When I was a young weightlifter, I had a very bad back injury and wound up taking a year off. Did no weightlifting in that time. My bodyweight dropped from 220 lbs to 175 lbs without trying. For exercise I swam and played basketball at the Y. I did start training again and made steady improvement until I was just about as good as I was before (after adjusting for differences in bodyweight). Before the injury I competed in the 110 kg weight class and after the injury I competed in the 90 kg class, which was much healthier for me. In the long run, the time off didn't hurt me at all.

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    Without knowing the issue, it is hard to say. If it is not likely to get much worse, then you could finish training and compete. If it is something that could lead to massive injury, then you should stop now.

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    Try taking off 2-3 weeks from snatches and possibly jerks and see how it feels after.

    Possibly continue to do cleans and pulls to maintain pull strength and power and see if you can do some kind of pressing like DB or BB presses and if that irritates your shoulder. Basically train around it. Squat as you can of course.

    I bet MuSn and SnPP are more likely to irritate it but maybe you can get away with presses in jerk grip or DB.

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