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5 weeks is pretty long for a comp phase. Are you trying to make 73kg or maintaining 75kg?

If you're sitting at 75 and trying to get down to 73, a mild deficit for 2-3 weeks and then approx maintenance is probably fine + water loss if you're over. If not then you can just chill.

The issue with tiny changes like that is that it's just not practical to work with such a fine measurement and small margin for error.
It was a standard 4-week competition phase, with the competition the following week on Thursday. So I just combined those 5 weeks into a single macro (I did train very light on Monday).

I did continue eating less calories through Wed night, along with a water cut (really just chugging water for 4 days and stopped drinking 18 hours out). I made weight, pretty easily under...so I probably could have continued eating a little more, but oh well. I did end up with a pr snatch (85) and a pr c+j (105), so that was freaking cool. Although, I did not feel as fresh as I would have liked...so maybe eating less calories did hold me back?