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Thread: Pre-Routine to follow, until I can commit to an Oly coach/gym

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    Pre-Routine to follow, until I can commit to an Oly coach/gym

    Good morning people.

    Just wanted opinions or thoughts on a training routine I could follow in the meantime, before I join a proper Weightlifting gym and receive coaching? I haven't started yet due to time constraints from work and other family issues going on at the moment.

    Currently I just alternate upper and lower body days, but occasionally I'll do full body as well. Generally in the gym anywhere from 3 to 7 days per week. Sets & reps vary from 15x1 12x2 10x3 5x5 6x6 on squats & presses, and 3-4x 6-15 on the other movements.


    Back squat/front squat
    Stiff leg deadlift/Romanian deadlift/good morning


    Military or push press/BTN strict or push press
    Barbell or dumbbell rows/Pull ups (weighted or unweighted)
    Dips (weighted or unweighted)
    Curls/lateral raises/tricep extensions occasionally

    Basically I don't want to do anything that will impair mobility, and perform exercises that will be beneficial/productive when I start Oly lifting. Probably just getting stronger in my legs, upper + lower back and shoulders is my best bet?

    I wouldn't mind to do some snatches or C&J, I just don't want to learn an incorrect movement pattern which will need to be un-learnt later on.

    The only other exercises I think I could add, would be clean or snatch pulls. But they are a bit more technique heavy than say a regular deadlift right?

    My mobility is good enough for me to perform an overhead squat with a narrow grip (beginning of knurling) flat feet, arched spine, bar behind head if that info is helpful.

    My strength levels aren't fantastic, but I only started training again in January, after a layoff of 2 years.

    (All tested within the last 2 weeks)

    31 years old
    5'7" 82kg
    Back squat 140kg
    Front squat 120kg
    Military press 65kg
    BTN push press 75kg

    Thanks for reading.

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    Hmm, you could try to do some barwork as that really won't create patterns you can't break vs actually putting some weight on the bar. Slow motion work with a stick or bar (maybe even a womens if available)

    Routine looks fine.

    I think it probably better to just omit pulls. Focus on Sn or Cn DL and if you're unsure about that, just do RDL's as those are pretty hard to fuck up.

    I would PushPress in jerk and snatch grip and OHS in either or both grips.

    You could also sotts press on one day if possible then do jerk grip OHS and another day do pressing snatch balance (again, difficult to fuck up) and OHS in SN grip.

    My buddy is currently doing something pretty similar as he embarks on an endeavor to train for the 2022 Winter Olympics. His sport doesn't really require a lot of strength but it's a good idea to be strong because the falls can be catastrophic. Mind you, he was also pretty damn strong per BW once upon a time (90PC@50-54 and Iron Cross).

    Upper/Lower is easier IMO than something like 4 days LSUS with a break after 2 days.

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    Appreciate the reply Blairbob.

    I'll leave out the pulls, and just stick with deficit SLDL's & RDL's for the time being. Also those presses you suggested with varying grips, and OH squats & snatch balance.

    I did have some coaching a few years ago for about 2 months, but had to stop due to constant overtime at work.

    One small caveat for me, I had a nervous system disorder almost 10 years ago where I became paralyzed from the waist down (Transverse Myelitis). Lingering symptoms have affected my balance somewhat.

    Day to day is fine, but while being taught the split jerk, I just don't have the motor control. My coach at the time suggested that I stick with power jerking, as I'm the most stable in this position.

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    Yeah, that makes sense. It's fine to Power Jerk and not really THAT necessary to Split Jerk. Don't really have to worry about asymmetric loading and it only becomes an issue if the jerk becomes the limiting factor in C&J as the weights get heavier (which may not happen for awhile as a relatively new beginner).

    You could probably do pulls but it just depends. Some kind of DL is probably better for strength and positions.

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