I will be leaving in two weeks to spend the summer with my in-laws. Unfortunately, there's no gym close by, nor will I have the convenience of training even if there were a gym. Any tips/ideas for how to eat so that I keep as much of my lean mass as possible? I will be doing lots of walking (sight-seeing) and possibly sprints in the morning before my wife wakes up.

I typically eat around 2700 cals/day when training regular volume, so I was thinking of reducing this to around 2400 cals/day, along with upping the amount of protein and dropping the amount of fats and carbs. (I am looking to stay around my current weight of 75). Finally, I will also be continuing taking creatine and protein (casein and whey isolate). Should I also take BCAA or essential amino acids, or do you think I will be getting enough through the protein (meats, fish, powder, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.