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Thread: maintaining/building work capacity in the off-season

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackie View Post
    We would run a lot of 110s, gassers, 300s, agility drills, etc., but I'm not sure how well they would translate over to weightlifting (I remember reading that fairly intense long-range cardio workouts -- running -- could be counterproductive to weightlifting). So, long blurb short, what are you thoughts on running 110s and gassers (or other short sprint-like running) as a way to keep in shape
    Since you wont be able to maintain your weghtlifting ability, you might as well focus on energy systems training.

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    Regrettably life does tend to get in the way of training

    Your France program will give you significant fitness and that fitness is very good to have before starting in the sport wtl.
    What you are doing is a great allround fitness program (like crossfit) and its use as an interim measure for olylifting is better than doing nothing but I’d say not a whole lot better than nothing.

    You might be better off in the long run; enjoying your holiday, explore, RELAX . Go for long walks, swim, cycle, ect. Use your time in France mapping out how on your return home you will gradually over 6-8wks get back to ~ where you were at. And consider a slightly more distant plan on how to progress quickly past this point within the next 8-12 wks .

    Depending on your age and current wtl qualification and training experience you may have detrained significantly. The best lifters (International Master sport ) will take virtually no time off to a class 3 lifter who would have a scheduled 1 month layoff from all wtl with no detriment in the 2nd yr of training.

    Some random points
    Cornerstone of training; consistency

    The Principle of Continuous load demand, implies avoidance of long interruptions in the training process.
    The training load, fitness demands and methods to prepare for football (also depending on position; quarterback vs lineman) are much different than wtl
    There should be a developmental process in wtl…like in school first learning the rudimentary reading, writing, math and sciences. Many educators feel in many children the 2 months off in the summer is a problem interruption in that developmental process.
    Interruptions in training have a negative effect and result in stagnation or even decline in performance (depending on context). Decline in olylifting is defined IMO as declines in max str, str endurance, power, coordination, technical and tactical skills.

    Note an elite lifter who has trained for example 8 years without missing a training session will be far more resistant to training loss from holidays than beginners in their first year. Also The higher level lifter will make up for loss in performance ALSO relatively more quickly than lower ranked.
    In keeping with the principle of progressive load increase, it is important to schedule training during holidays in order to maintain previous gains and diminish strength loss. Like you have suggested the intensity is not sufficient by using body wt and water jugs (lack of a strong stimulus)

    Frank Dick the coach of decathlete Daley Thompson said that Daley always trained xmas day. Daley figured it might be the only day some of his other competitors wouldn’t be training and it might give him that 0.0001% edge on others. Dick the coach, postponed his family’s opening of xmas presents from the usual early am to the afternoon on xmas day because he attended the training session.

    I think there is some evidence that mixing even small amounts of aerobic training like running just 1 mile twice weekly has shown declines in measurements of RATE of FORCE DEVELOPMENT in strength power athletes (Hakkinen). When RFD is being emphasized Be careful with BOTH volume and which exercises you select. To me the strength quality of RFD is critical to high level performance in olylifting.

    For recreational wtlers none of the above really matters and for example the above statement (some aerobic work) will NOT probably have any negative consequences. Carry on.

    olylifting IMO has no off season

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