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Thread: Anybody planning to spectate T2020 WL events?

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    Anybody planning to spectate T2020 WL events?

    Anybody here got themselves tickets to Tokyo 2020 wl events? The ticket sales went live on this week. Got my self tickets to W64A, M96A, M109A and M+109A. Starting to get excited

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    It appears they are all sold out for WL, Gymnastics, and Judo. Even gorram handball. I have family in Tokyo but figured the Olympics would be beaucoup expensive.

    I pulled up the brochure for tickets in Mexico and it's $148 and change for the A sessions with the B's half of that or quarter of that depending which. Victory ceremonies go for 81 and change.

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    A limited number of event tickets with a backstage meet and greet package are still available.

    Here is some information on how the ballot system allocates the tickets.

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