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Thread: Retired buuuuut. Jerk only training? Suggestions appreciated.

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    This is a good point. Jerk recoveries are gonna take too long. I’m better off pausing my jerks during my jerk sets for a little extra stability

    Yes on complexes

    Yes on startup time I’ll probably have to do my best to arrange the workout so I don’t have to change the bar and can just keep adding weight.
    Something like
    Jerk variations 60-70%
    Explosive jerk dips 80-90%
    Heavy jerk dips 90%+

    I’ll have to think about it and how it fits into each phase

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    Today was my first day. Holy crap am I out of shape. Got the whole thing done in 45 mins

    2 PP + 2 PJk 65kg, 3 sets
    Jerk drives 100kg, 3 sets 5 reps
    10” Partial front squat 125kg, 3 sets 5 reps

    Superset 1, 3 sets
    BTN cable pulls down 10 reps
    Pushups 15 reps
    Super set 2, 3 sets
    Ab rollout, 10 reps
    BW Split squat, 10 reps per leg

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    You say you cant do snatch or full squats... or, wont i suppose. I get it. My knee is being a right cunt, and while i CAN do full, i cant train it with enough volume to get anywhere, and certainly i cant train the full lifts with any volume. The violence just kills them. So i gave up on weightlifting for a long time. I just loved the technical mastery ov it. The speed, the timing, the violence. I hated having to powerlift, but i had to do something with a bar.


    I just said fuckit. Why not do power versions only? Everything is still there. No, i cant pretend to be Aukhadov or Milko, but i can become quite powerful, fast, remain flexible, better my timing, and have fun cranking big weights overhead.

    It took me over half a decade to figure this out. But I CAN TRAIN AGAIN! So i've been training both lifts, full time, 5-7 days a week, for the last 3-4 months, and its been awesome. Already chasing National masters records, and the world records are not far off those. I'm one ov those lifters that needs a target, and this has been the most intense training cycle i've had since my last powerlifting comp, 3 years ago. I catch everything way high (nowhere near parallel), though i'll admit i'm lucky in that i dont have to squat, like ever, to have the strength to hit my (records) goals. At its very weakest, i still squat 227kg, front about 185. Come those world records? I'll have to bring some squatting back in maybe (maybe i'll wrap the knee?), but until then... man, i'm having wicked fun. I've already matched my best ever (full) clean and jerk PR with a high PC&J, and my powersnatch is only 10kg off my best ever snatch.

    Try power versions?

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