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Thread: How do maximum front squats and maximum cleans / jerks feel for you?

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    How do maximum front squats and maximum cleans / jerks feel for you?

    Hey guys.
    Quick survey.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a broomstick and 10 is 'can't breathe and quickly passing out', how do your maximum front squats feel, how do your maximum cleans feel and how do your maximum jerks feel?

    On a side note, for people who have done 'jerk dips' or 'front squat holds', what kind of weights can you handle for 10 seconds relative to your maximum front squat or clean?

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    Front squat - maybe 9? never actually passed out, but I've gotten dizzy
    Jerks - 6-7

    I've held almost 200% of my max front squat for 10 seconds. For me, it's a worthless exercise.

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    My heaviest FS hold was #520 or 522 for 30seconds back in 2014? I rarely have ever done just 5 or 10s holds. Max FS hit 159 in that cycle and missed any more.

    Jerk dips, tbh I can't remember. I'm sure I've documented some number in my workout log the past few years. At least 160-170 to maybe 200 for 5-10reps?

    To me, since my jerk has always been ahead of my clean, a max clean feels a lot heavier than a max jerk. Racking 120 definitely felt heavy but as heavy as pulling 118. I think if I would have tried again, I probably would have been able to clean 120 during that cycle. Standing up from the Clean is almost never an issue for me before a jerk unless I catch it forward and have to grind up the recovery.

    My max CJ of 116 in training and 115 in comp didn't really feel like hell though I was definitely feeling tired during the meet. Still the 115 wasn't that difficult and I think I have video around of it in my gdrive I never posted (cameraman fucked up videoing my snatch opener and missed my 2nd and 3rd attempt).

    I think my max CJ probably felt harder than my max FS.

    FS 166. 7. Whenever I have missed FS, I usually miss above parallel by 15-30 degrees and just get stuck. Of course sometimes I've taken the elevator down, bounced off the hole and had to dump. I'd have to check what the max jerk dips and FS rack hold then in my log. Can't recall. I don't think it was more than 230.

    Cn 118. 8

    Jerk 120. 7

    CJ 116 in training, 115 in comp 8-9

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    My best highbar squat was 275, and my best front at around the same bodyweight was only 200, so my ratios are a bit off, but fronts ALWAYS feel like death, above a certain weight. Right now i'm weak and i might hit 185 tops (slight pause though), and it doesn't feel so bad, but i'll hammer 170-175 like nothing. If i load 190? it'll be 50/50. At my strongest (the 275 days) i'd have easily front squatted 225+ if i could just stay awake.

    I've done FS partials with upwards ov 275, and quite a bit ov work around the 200-225 range, i'm not sure they helped much. I dont have core issues, i was doing them to get harder under the bar (to help with the blackout issue), and for that i dont think they're worth all that much.

    As for jerks, my powerclean is utter garbage, and when they get heavy i rack them low (rather than just drop lower), so once i come out ov them the bar is in a shit position and the jerk dies. But if i get a 100% jerk in a decent position, its not a big deal. Best recent jerk in this new programming is 150, and it really wasn't a big deal. Couldn't do more, but i was hardly freaking out.

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