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Thread: nutritional composition of BCAA/EAA

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    nutritional composition of BCAA/EAA

    If you were tracking your protein intake, would you count protein coming from BCAAs and EAAs supplements? If so, how do you do it? For example, how much protein would you count coming from say 3 g of L-Leucine, or L-Isoleucine, or L-Valine?

    Finally, how beneficial is it to use these supplements if you are getting enough protein through "food" (meats, fish, eggs, etc.) and whey? (I'm thinking of stopping buying BCAAs and EAAs after I finish up this last shipment, but I'm afraid of losing performance.)
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    It's not a complete protein, so no I wouldn't.

    BCAA's are a waste of if you are hitting enough Leucine every 3-3.5hrs to spike mtor. If you pop some whey mid workout, it'll be digesting by the time you finish your workout and the next few hours and you don't need to be concerned that Whey is too slow compared to BCAA post workout in that post workout window. The PWO window is longer than 30-60min anyway.

    The first iteration of Progenex spiked their Leucine content with something crazy like 15g.

    Basically BCAA can increase the BCAA content PWO and they are lower in calories than a serving of whey (70 to 110 kcalories?)

    to make sure I hit that 2.5-3g of leucine, i jump up my serving size of Whey concentrate80 to 45g which provides 35g of protein instead of 25-30. I get WPC80 for just under $8/lb so it's not a big deal to jump the serving size from 7 teaspoons to 3 tablespoons.

    If you really cared to, spend your money on some casein or egg protein (generally more expensive than whey) to pop before bedtime to stay more anabolic during your sleep. Your body should be releasing amino acids from the food passing through your digestion tract anyways. Or you could just eat some dairy or meat/eggs before bedtime if you are that concerned.

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    no need for BCAA/EAA if you eat enough animal protein, just pissing away money

    there are BCAAs/EAAs in meat/dairy/eggs.

    if you're vegan or mostly get protein from vegetarian sources then yes BCAA/EAA are useful. creatine monohydrate is useful for everyone.

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    Even though it isn't complete, I would count the grams of amino acids as protein. Not that individual aminos should be in high enough quantity to make a significant difference either way.

    I notice a recovery boost with 20 grams whey and 5 grams leucine sipping it during the first half of training. You don't have to do it all the time, just during higher volume sessions.

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