I hate to post a thread discussing training during this time, but I think that Coach Pendlay would want for us to keep trying to get better.

I have been having shoulder pain for the better part of a year. Here recently, after taking off a few months over the summer, it has gotten worse. So, I went to an orthopedic, as well as had an MRI performed. It turns out that I have a small tear (6mm) in the infraspinatus tendon footprint, some slight tearing in my labrum, and a small cyst. The orthopedic mentioned that I might want to have surgery to anchor things back together and to remove the excess fluid. When he mentioned that I would be in a sleeve for 3-4 weeks after surgery and then another 3-4 months of rehab before I could start training again, I asked about other options. He said that it might heal on itself, but he would probably have the surgery done (he said to give it a few more weeks to see if it starts to improve, but he finds it unlikely to be the case).

So, after that background, here are my questions. Has anyone had shoulder impingement? If so, what worked for you to get past it? Also, did you alter your training any? I can't snatch heavy (over 50%), it just hurts too much when I overhead squat, but power snatch, cleans, power cleans, jerks, pulls, are all okay. Should I just continue my training but limit/exclude full-squat snatches? Or should I move towards a more `off-season' routine? Finally, for anyone that has had surgery for this type of thing (torn rotator cuff/shoulder impingement), how was the rehab and afterwards?