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Thread: splitting training into am/pm sessions

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    splitting training into am/pm sessions

    I'm pretty sure that this has been discussed here (but I'm not very good at searching), and I know that it has been discussed in other places, but, what are your thoughts on splitting up training so that you squat in the morning before work and then finish the rest of your workout (sn or cl/j, pulls, accessory lifts, etc.) after work? I'm currently thinking of doing this, just to change things up a bit, and so I wanted to get some advice about it. I can't really think of any downside to doing this, performance-wise, but I'm by no means an expert on the subject.

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    When I was a middle age man and working, a body building friend and I used to do squats at noon time. I would pack up my weights, the weights I was going to use, and with my squat stands toss them into my van. Did the workout out of the van in the parking garage. Did the snatch and clean and jerk work at home after work. My friend only did squats with me twice a week. I squatted almost every noon time as I recall.

    I really liked doing it. Winter wasn't great. The big advantage came from the home front. Training took less time, so we got to eat dinner earlier.

    When I retired and had all the time in the world I did experiment with double sessions on Monday and Friday. Essentially I would just split the work I would do in a single session. Got very tired of that. I was spending an extra hour warming up and cooling down. It was just too much time.

    I remember back in the old days one of my friends would train a couple of days at home over noon time and three times at the usual gym after work. The home front really liked that. Only three 9 pm dinners a week.

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    It should be fine as long as aren't using it as a way to increase volume a large amount.

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