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Thread: How much did you eat today?

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    How much did you eat today?

    It's Thanksgiving in America. So, how much did you eat? I went nuts. I've been counting calories and eating strict for quite a while now, so today I did not count anything........ until after I was finished. I kept track of what I ate, added it up afterward, and found that I ate about 3x my usual amount. I feel like I'm going to explode. Anyone else over endulge today?

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    not really. i ate one plate a food, had a small piece of blueberry tart and carrot cake and some leftover carrot cake once i got home. i did get some food coma though.

    plate was mostly steak, 2 small small squares of lasagna (cut up so everyone could get some) and a handful of turkey with gravy.

    i usually skip all the sugary fatty haole ppl stuff and was at my moms side of the fam (hawaiian azn+hispanic+haole). my dad and i don't eat that shit anyways. usually turkey, potatoes and gravy. I don't like stuffing maybe some ham though we didn't actually have any.

    i had beef tacos on monday night with my dad because tbh idgaf about turkey as it's only tolerable with gravy.

    im just glad they cooked up hella steaks because i thought there wasnt gonna be anyway since uncle is OoC. I was gonna buy some tritips but it was all covered by my aunt (though my bro tookover cooking duties).

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    Happy Thanksgiving brothers and sisters. I have a lot I am thankful for. Unfortunately it was a regular working day so I couldn't have a fake European Thanksgiving meal.

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