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Thread: Mint and near-mint Eleiko bumpers for sale -- gym moving!

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    Mint and near-mint Eleiko bumpers for sale -- gym moving!

    The Poliquin Group has been a significant financial supporter of US and Canada weightlifters, providing over $100,000 in financial support. Including in this number is $33,000 cash sent to 11 US lifters who broke junior and senior American records; these payments were sent directly to the athletes to ensure the lifters received the full amount. The company also sponsored two weightlifting competitions in Rhode Island, and provided training facilities for 17 weightlifters who received over $50,000 in college scholarships ($6,000 cash average) and sponsorship money (for training and travel expenses) for another company I work for. In other words, the Poliquin Group has been a friend to US weightlifters.

    Because our facility is moving to a smaller headquarters, we have decided to sell many competition and training Eleiko bumpers. All total, we had about 4,000 kilos of weights to sell, but have already sold over half of it, including 15 Eleiko weightlifting bars (they went fast!). We also have three 8x8’, highest quality 500-pound lifting platforms.

    Except for the competition bumpers, all the Eleiko training bumpers were used on bench presses and squats – they didn’t touch the ground (in fact, I would go so far as to say that many were never used). Also, the weights were primarily used in educational seminars, not for commercial use, so are in mint or near-mint condition.

    So far, 14 weightlifting clubs in the New England area have taken advantage of this sale. Soon I will have to have to open up it up nationwide to outside gyms. We would rather sell it to weightlifting clubs and athletes who would appreciate it – our local big-chain commercial gym has several Eleiko weightlifting bars that are used for bench presses, which is just sad.

    We also have some strongman equipment, such as farmer’s walk handles, tires, Superyoke, and a log press. We also have some specialty bars, such as thick bars, and a few competition Eleiko powerlifting bars. Generally speaking, everything is being sold at half price.

    If you’re in the New England area, let me know what you’re interested in, and I can send you photos of what we have (or you can come and stop by and see the equipment for yourself).

    The best way to reach me is through text (401-595-2633) or email at

    Thank you,

    Kim Goss
    Poliquin Group
    Warwick, Rhode Island
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