The following link

describes a very simple training template:

day #1: snatch, snatch pull, and front squats

day #2: jerk, push press, and over-the-head squats

day #3: clean & jerk, clean pull, and back squats

According to the text descriptions on the link, all moviments can be changed to similar other ones, as well as squats are recommended to execute 3-5 sets (triple for front squats and fives for back squats).

The pulls, according to an author´s answer, can be also 3-5 sets.

I couldn´t find the follwing information, so I kindly as you guys some help for:

1) how many weekly total reps for snatch, jerk, and clean & jerk are considered an acceptable minimal volume for someone who expects a modest progress?

2) how many weekly total reps for the pulls considering the 3-5 sets?

my restrictions: morbidly obese, 52 yo, under a strong caloric deficit