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Thread: Split Jerk vs Squat/Power Jerk x knees

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    Split Jerk vs Squat/Power Jerk x knees

    After a clean & jerk training session I woke up with my knee hurting.
    It´s the knee that is usually put in front position of my jerk.

    I am 52yo and need to take care with the oly lifts and I am worried about the split jerk.

    Does anybody know if the squat jerk (ou power jerk, in my case) can attenuate such situation?


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    when my right foot or knee are buggin me, I will power or push jerk. Sometimes it's better, sometimes not.

    decreasing the frequency and volume of split jerks throughout the week has helped save the wear and tear on my right knee and ankle/foot besides the hip. Other than peaking, I split jerk on one day and work up to a heavy split on one wave, and power the rest as backoff on another day.

    that being said, I haven't really trained seriously since September.

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    It would be wise to determine the causation of the knee being hurt. Primarily, what part of the knee? And, has it occurred before?

    Then, if the pain arose after training rather than acutely from one particular lift, you might conclude that it is tendon in origin. And further to that point, is it possible that it is a problem in the clean rather than the jerk? For one side to be in pain rather than the other, the asymmetrical nature of the split jerk is definitely worth looking at as a culprit, but your clean could be asymmetrical as could squat patterning.

    Basically, is there a movement dis-function? film some reps to see what is happening. I speculate that the back knee is more exposed to potential injury in the split jerk than the front knee for most people, so in my mind, if you say you have pain in the front leg, I am imagining a style where the front knee slides forward a bit in the bottom of the split which would put a lot of load thru the quad tendon or patella tendon.

    If its bad enough, all lifts could be effected for a time. The power jerk would have its own problems, but if its a front-knee-sliding-forward-problem then the PJ might be a solution as long as you execute it well.

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    Yes. It isn't unusual to have some issue with the knee of the front leg.

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