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Thread: Can I still be a good weightlifter with CARDIO?

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    Can I still be a good weightlifter with CARDIO?

    I've chosen boxing as my sport. And in boxing, I gotta do cardio.

    These past several months, all I've done was cardio and I have greatly improved it a lot. So like, this time, now that I'm satisfied with my baseline aerobic fitness, I now wanna do heavy squats and power snatches. I just was wondering if... If I put my cardio on three-times-a-week maintenance mode and just MAINTAIN it without shooting for new records, can I still reach my full potential as a squatter and Olympic lifter? Or no?

    I understand there's some kind of interference effect with the cardio + weights thing and I wonder if it'll apply if I merely maintain my baseline cardio fitness instead of simultaneously working on improving BOTH things.

    Thanks very much.

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    'Your full potential' is not something to worry about for quite some time.

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    It is the problem of this nebulous term 'cardio' which leads to strength athletes neglecting it, and athletes who genuinely need to develop or maintain certain aerobic qualities to allow it to overwhelm their training focus.

    The development of left ventricle strength is a well worth continuing and should not disrupt your enjoyment and progress in the sport of weightlifting. More weightlifters may indeed benefit from including it in their training more than they do (which could be zero). However 'cardio' for some people, and what they consider a maintenance of it, can spill into unnecessary aerobic power and even glycolytic work. I suggest having a heart rate monitor ready and choosing a domain of movement that doesn't tax your legs too badly.

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